vet surgery Teva Veterinary Clinic


We pride ourselves on our high standards of surgical hygiene and anaesthetic safety. Our theatre is equipped with an isoflurane anaesthetic vapouriser (safe enough to use on birds and hamsters), a breathing, pulse and oxygenation monitor and constant monitoring of your fur-child by our veterinary nurse. We can perform most surgeries at our clinic ourselves but will not hesitate to refer you to a specialist surgeon for more complicated surgeries if we feel it is in your pet’s best interest.

pet health check Teva Veterinary Clinic

Regular Health Checks

Your pet’s basic healthcare routine should consist of a complete set of puppy/kitten vaccinations, sterilisation at 6-12 months of age, booster vaccination at 1 years old, regular parasite control (ticks, fleas and worms), appropriate nutrition for their life stage, size and needs, and an annual health check. Please pop in or give us a call should you require any help or advice in any of these areas.

teva mobile clinic

Teva Mobile

Sometimes having the vet come to you is so much easier, for a host of reasons ranging from time constraints to saying your last goodbyes in the loving environment of your own home. Having the option of our vet coming to you just makes sense. Click here to find out more about Teva’s mobile service.

xrays and ultrasound Teva Veterinary Clinic

Radiographs (X-rays)

X-rays are not only a vital tool for diagnosing broken bones but also for evaluating lung health, heart size, intestinal obstruction, litter size, and so much more. With our modern, digital computed radiography system you are guaranteed top quality radiographic images.

Teva Veterinary Clinic ultrasound


When x-rays can’t help us, an ultrasound often can. Ultrasound is a very useful tool in evaluating bladder problems, prostate enlargement, pregnancy, uterine infection, abdominal fluid, abdominal tumours, etc.

blood analysis Teva Veterinary Clinic

In-house Blood Analysis

When time is of the essence in your ill pet, our suite of in-house blood analysers are invaluable. Our state of the art Idexx Catalysts and Lasercyte machines enable us to do pre-anaesthetic health profiles, evaluate kidney and liver health, evaluate red and white blood cell numbers, test for thyroid disorders, and more, all in a matter of minutes and with a fraction of the blood volume needed at a commercial laboratory.

pet weight loss Teva Veterinary Clinic

Weight-loss Clinic

If you are struggling with your pet’s weight then join our FREE weight-loss programme. We will not only guide you on food types and volumes but also provide regular free follow-up sessions where we can monitor your pet’s progress and support you through the often difficult and frustrating process of weight loss.

pet acupuncture Teva Veterinary Clinic


We have a wonderful vet who assists us with patients requiring acupuncture. Dr Angela Vorster is trained in Western Veterinary Acupuncture, which is a wonderful tool for pain control in both cats and dogs. We also have a range of natural remedies for ailments ranging from allergies and itching to nervousness when travelling or visiting the vet.

dental care pets Teva Veterinary Clinic

Dental Care

Just like humans, pets need regular dental check-ups. Good dental hygiene prevents diseases like gingivitis, abscesses, and peridontitis that can lead to kidney and heart valve damage. If you thought this was a problem that only affected dogs, 67% of cats seen by the vet also have dental disease. Call us and book your FREE dental health assessment today.

emergency vet Teva Veterinary Clinic

All day Consulting and Referral for 24 Hour Care

We realise that you as pet parents lead very busy lives and that conventional veterinary hours are often inconvenient. That is why we at Teva have a vet on consultation throughout the day on weekdays, 8-6pm. We also know that many times a pet falls ill or gets injured outside of working hours. While we unfortunately cannot personally be on call every evening, the Helderberg Basin vets have formed an after-hour rota system so that you do not have to travel all the way to Cape Town (our closest 24-hour emergency centre). If you call the practice after hours, the answering service will give you the number of the vet on call for that evening.

referral service Teva Veterinary Clinic

Referral Service

In the Cape we are fortunate enough to have access to excellent veterinary specialists in the fields of companion animal medicine, surgery, ophthalmology, dentistry, reproduction, and exotic animal medicine. We will not hesitate to recommend an appropriate specialist if your pet is in need of specialist care. There are also 24-hour care centres we can refer you to if your pet is in need of intensive 24-hour monitoring, care and specialist attention.

Teva Veterinary Clinic Senior Pet Wellness

Senior Wellness Check-ups

As your pets reach their senior years they will need closer monitoring. Our senior health checks will incorporate all the normal checks that an annual health exam includes. We will also chat to you about changes you may have noticed, changes you should look out for, and the benefit of blood and urine tests for detecting early organ stress. We will also guide you on how to manage arthritic stiffness and pain holistically, as well as give you advice on the best nutrition to support your pets through their senior phase of life.

Pet weight loss Teva Veterinary Clinic

Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation

Teva is very proud of our sister company Pets in Balance, the first physical rehabilitation and wellness centre in the area. Pets in Balance’s mission is to enhance your pets’ quality of life by restoring them to pain-free movement. They offer treatments such as laser therapy, therapeutic ultrasound, TENS therapy, and have a state of the art underwater treadmill.

pet travel Teva Veterinary Clinic

Assistance with Travel

They may not need a passport but your fur-children need more than you think to cross a border. Give us a call if you are planning to travel with your pet, and we will help you through the necessary tests and paperwork. Even if you are just travelling locally, contact us if you have any questions or concerns about your trip.