Teva knows that preparing for the holidays can get crazy busy, which is rather funny since a holiday is about rest. So Teva wants to help you out with a brief checklist to make sure your furry friends are looked after during this season. Teva hopes you have a blessed and great holiday season.

  • If you are going away for the holidays and you have not arranged a house sitter or a kennel – phone TODAY! They get booked up fast and you want to be sure that the place or person you choose is suitable for your pet.
  • If you are going to book them into the kennels make sure their vaccinations are up to date (including kennel cough for dogs). It is also good manners to apply tick and flea control and deworm your pets before they go into the kennel. Make sure you have discussed well ahead of time your pets’ dietary, exercise and medication needs.
  • If you are getting a house sitter, start writing up the “to do” list now. There are a lot of things we do automatically that we forget to note down (i.e. Check the water bowls). Get your house sitter to meet the pets before hand so they are not complete strangers to each other. Make sure your house sitter knows where and who your vet is and what to do in an after hour emergency. Make sure your vet knows that you will be away. Your pets should be micro chipped and collared with tags. Make sure the numbers can be reached while you are away. If not, call your microchip company to get the numbers temporarily changed and get new name tags made for your time away with family member or friend or house sitter contact numbers.
  • If you are staying home and having a lot of family/friends then bear in mind that shy animals can get stressed with the hustle and bustle of holiday guests. Make sure there’s a quiet room to which your pets can retreat and try and stick to their daily routines as much as possible.
  • If you are driving with your pet then they should be in a crate or harness (dogs only) when in the car. It is far safer for both the driver and your pet. If they have never been crated or harnassed then start getting them used to it now. Come in and chat to us about how best to do this.