Teva Veterinary Clinic

Teva Veterinary Clinic opened its doors in 2011 with some important objectives in mind. We wanted to create a place full of care and compassion, a welcoming and stress-free environment for all your regular visits, whether popping in to buy food or coming in for something more serious. We also wanted to create a team of caring, passionate and service-oriented staff who constantly focus on furthering their knowledge and skills so that our clients and their fur-children can be assured of quality care and advice. Last but not least we wanted Teva to be about exceeding expectations and about providing the best for you and your companions.

Meaning and Mission

Teva or Tevah in biblical Hebrew means ark (as used when referring to Noah’s ark). The ark was a place of safety and comfort, a refuge. At Teva we know that pets are family and it is our mission to create a caring, relationship-building practice where you can expect to receive excellent service and compassionate veterinary care.

Meet the Tevarians

  • Cavendy

    Cavendy is deceivingly older than most realise but stays young by following her heart, cuddling furry Teva patients and eating cake!

  • Tyle

    Whether it’s dogs, horses, cheetahs or anything in between, you can be sure that Tylé is never far from an animal. Her passion for both animals and people is the reason she loves Teva so much.

  • Sam

    An aspiring veterinary nurse with a true passion for helping and a special place in her heart for all pets. Her age does not stand in her way, always aspiring to be the best and help in every way she can.

  • Leigh

    Leigh has been adding her sparkle and shine to the Teva Team since 2014. She loves helping animals, being creative, good food and great friendships. You can be sure that she’ll always greet you with a friendly smile!

  • Karin Wilson
    Dr Karin

    Dr Karin is the head chief at Teva and the woman behind the wheel. She is passionate about service and creating a work space where her team can do what they love and do it well. She loves her job, staying up to date with new developments in veterinary medicine, and is a closet perfectionist!

  • Dr Claudine Teva Veterinary Clinic
    Dr Claudien

    There’s never a dull moment at the Everson home with two dogs, a cat and Tuffy, the hamster. Talking of homes, as our Teva mobile vet, Claudien shares Teva’s passion of creating a no-fear experience, and for some pets that means taking the clinic to them!

  • Dr Rouxlé van Zyl
    Dr Rouxlé

    Kind, compassionate and “heel rustig”, this lovely young vet brings a beautiful Afrikaans flare to our team.  With her elegance and loving nature shown toward each patient, you will be surprised to know that this plaas meisie works with cattle on her off days and knows how to rough it!

  • Ashleigh Janse van Rensberg
    Dr Ashleigh

    The smallest member of our team – Ashleigh may be small in stature but she is big in heart. This dedicated and passionate vet is also our surgical wizard. Her magic knows no bounds, be it looking after your furbaby or tending her own veggie patch.

  • Dr Ilse Jenkinson
    Dr Ilse

    The newest member of our vet team, this young, vibrant vet’s love and knowledge of our small furry and feathered friends is helping Teva expand to new horizons in terms of exotic animal care.

  • Didi
    Dr Didi

    Didi is a true “plaas-meisie” – kind and gentle but tough when it counts! She grew up on a farm and loves all 4 legged creatures but has a particularly soft spot for staffies, horses and the small furries.

  • Margaret van der berg
    Sr Margaret

    Margaret is passionate about her patients, especially their emotional well-being and how they are treated. She loves being part of our Teva team where we all take the time to cuddle our patients and make their visit as happy as possible. Margaret loves all animals, but has a particularly soft spot for Boston Terriers!

  • Sr Meimei Christian
    Sr Meimei

    You can be assured your pet is in great hands with this spunky, calm, caring, super dedicated, and experienced mom of 3. Meimei is passionate about helping to keep your pets in tip-top shape, and runs Teva’s free weight loss clinics. With Jiu Jitsu as a hobby, she keeps her cool and demonstrates courage even when faced with the fiercest of patients!

  • Mavis Teva Veterinary Clinic

    Mavis has been a proud member of the Teva family since 2014. Not only does she keep Teva clean and hygienic, but she also ensures that your fur-children staying with us for the day have a clean, dry, warm, and loving place to recover. One of Mavis’ most valued roles is arguably as Tevarian barista!

  • Salem Teva Veterinary Clinic

    Salem arrived as an after-hours emergency shortly after Teva opened. With love and care he was transformed from a partially paralysed stray to King of Teva! Named after the witty talking cat from the TV program, Sabrina, the teenage witch, we are sure that he has some secret magic powers!

  • Terry Wilson

    Evrefer noun: one who is generally asked to do anything and everyfing! A botanist, environmental scientist, scientific sales manager, and now finance manager and evrefer. Terry is married to Dr Karin and is the force behind Teva that keeps the engine running smoothly and the wheels turning.