Teva Veterinary Clinic

Teva Veterinary Clinic opened its doors in 2011 with some important objectives in mind. We wanted to create a place full of care and compassion, a welcoming and stress-free environment for all your regular visits, whether popping in to buy food or coming in for something more serious. We also wanted to create a team of caring, passionate and service-oriented staff who constantly focus on furthering their knowledge and skills so that our clients and their fur-children can be assured of quality care and advice. Last but not least we wanted Teva to be about exceeding expectations and about providing the best for you and your companions.

Meaning and Mission

Teva or Tevah in biblical Hebrew means ark (as used when referring to Noah’s ark). The ark was a place of safety and comfort, a refuge. At Teva we know that pets are family and it is our mission to create a caring, relationship-building practice where you can expect to receive excellent service and compassionate veterinary care.

Meet the Tevarians